Who we are

Who we are

Syremont starts up in 1987 from the Montedison group and in very few years reaches a high level position in the preservation and valorization of cultural heritage, applying the group’s knowledge to the development of products for conservation processes. Thesauron, already operating at a national scale in the field of fruition and management of cultural and environmental heritage, acquired a majority share of Syremont from the Montecatini company (today called Edison Group). Syremont looks on to new opportunities in the fields of architecture, design, exposition display, storage and multimedia technologies. It invests in qualified professionals and increases the technical competences to the point of creating an engineering company and obtaining UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification for the following activities:

  • scientific and technological research for restoration and conservation products and services;
  • diagnostics and environmental monitoring;
  • design and execution of conservation and maintenance operations;
  • design services related to the architecture, engineering and realization of museum lay-outs and exhibits.

Since January 2002, Italian companies are required to have a certification of their ability to carry out work in specific environments (public tenders); this is issued by a certifying agency (SOA – ) and Syremont has obtained the required certificates for works in the following categories:

OG 2 – interventions on cultural and environmental assets:
special work for the recovery, conservation, consolidation, restructuring and maintenance of buildings of historic interest subject to safeguards as per the regulations regarding cultural and environmental assets, also the construction of electromechanical, electric, telephone and electronic plant as well as finishings of every type;

OS 6 – interventions on fitting out and interior finishing:
supply and installation, maintenance and restructuring of carpentry and joinery of wood, of internal and external fittings, internal and external cladding, of paving of any type and material and of other items in metal, wood, plastic, glass and similar.