Research & Development

Research & Development

Syremont is an SME specializing in the field of cultural and landscape heritage that has always invested in research and development by allocating resources to technological innovation for the improvement and development of its products, creating new ones and improving production processes and application.

Syremont  is an ideal partner for national and international projects, such as Horizon 2020.

Ongoing research activities

In situ conservation of submerged archaeological sites

Design of new formulations, tools and methodologies aimed at the conservation and restoration of underwater archeological sites directly in their environment. The project stems from the recent guidelines of the scientific world and the international organizations for the protection of Cultural Heritage, agreeing to enhance, protect, and preserve in situ, wherever possible, underwater archeological and historical heritage. This new orientation, in order to be achieved, must overcome considerable difficulty of operational application connected to the lack of knowledge and especially of techniques and materials suitable for the underwater conservation. The project, which is expected to be complete in 2014, has allowed us to gain knowledge and materials to achieve the expected goal.

Partner: UNICALUniversity of Calabria  – Whitehead Sistemi subacquei – Ageotec

Investigations on the forms of biological attack in progress on the works of polyurethane on display in the Museum of Naples Plastic (PLART)

The goal of the project is the preservation of works of modern and contemporary art: in particular, it focuses on the knowledge of the risk of biological attack to the constituent materials and on methods for treatment and restoration. The project is  being carried out in collaboration with the Museum of Plastic of Naples  (PLART)

Partner:  Dipartimento di Ecologia – Università degli studi di Messina (Department of Ecology – University of Messina

Distretto Culturale Regione Sicilia (Cultural District of Sicilian Region)
Development and Strengthening of Districts and High Technology Laboratories Public / Private for Convergence Regions (PON 2007-2013) aimed at the establishment of a Technological District dedicated to Cultural Heritage

The research project is divided into three parts: characterization of new materials for restoration; formulation of new biocides based on the doping of TiO2, testing of photocatalytic material to be integrated into archeological sites.

Line 1: Development and application of innovative materials and processes for the restoration of cultural heritage.

Partner : Università degli studi di Palermo – CNR Consiglio Nazionale delle ricerche – Coirich S.c.a.r.l.- Consortium of Italian Research Infrastructure for Cultural Heritage – PITecnoBio – Consorzio Di Ricerca Per Lo Sviluppo Di Piattaforme Innovative Nel Settore Delle Tecnologie Biomediche.

Line 2: Center of nanomaterials, new materials and nanotechnology for Cultural Heritage

Partner: Università di Palermo – CNR – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche-HITEC2000 srl -CSGI – Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo Sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase- INSTM – Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per la Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali, PITecnoBio – Consorzio Di Ricerca Per Lo Sviluppo Di Piattaforme Innovative Nel Settore Delle Tecnologie -Sidercem S. r. l. Biomediche,

As part of Poli di innovazione beni culturali Regione Calabria Syremont participate in the project:


The project intends to provide a platform for studies, research and communication in order to promote the use of cultural heritage both tangible and intangible. Objectives: the research and production of prototypes of innovative web publishing materials and environments, focusing on the cultural heritage of Calabria and aimed, inter alia, to in-service training of teachers in the schools of the Calabria region and to facilitate learning and training of young people and adults. In summary, PITAGOREION is a platform for a virtual tour of laboratories and museums in the region of Calabria.

Partner Syremont: UNICAL – Università della Calabria- Domus srl- Aristippo Touring Service Soc. Coop – Quadra TV S.c.a r.l.


The goal of the project is the definition of new mixtures based on nano with multi-functional character and development of new methods for their application aimed at the protection and consolidation of artifacts and sites of historical and artistic interest.

Partner: UNICAL -Università della Calabria -ISAC-CNR – CBC Conservazione Beni Culturali Soc. Coop – 3D Research s.r.l.

Recent publications by Syremont –  2013

Ruffolo S. A., Macchia A., La Russa M. F., Mazza L., Urzi C., De Leo F., Crisci G. M., ” Marine Antifouling for Underwater Archaeological Sites: Tio2 and Ag Doped TiO2″. International Journal of Photoenergy, 2013, Vol., pp. 1-6.

Macchia, O. Bettucci, E. Gravagna, D. Ferro, R. Albini, B. Mazzei, and L. Campanella. Calcium Hydroxide Nanoparticles and Hypogeum Environment: Test to Understand the Best Way of Application, Journal of Nanomaterials, 2013

S. A. Ruffolo, M. F. La Russa, P. Aloise, C. M. Belfiore, A. Macchia, A. Pezzino,G. M. Crisci. Efficacy of nanolime in restoration procedures of salt weathered limestone rock, Applied Physics A, 2013

D. D’Agostino, A. Macchia, R. Cataldo, L. Campanella, A.  Campbell, Microclimate and salt crystallization in the Crypt of the Lecce’s Duomo, International Journal of Architectural Heritage, 2013


Research and development of advanced systems for the conservation and protection of masonry features in the archaeological and monumental areas of Pompei, Herculaneum and Stabia, in collaboration with two research centers: DISTAAM, University of Molise (Campobasso) and the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Calabria (Cosenza). A special mortar has been experimented which successfully contrasts the growth of vegetation and which can be applied on the restoration of archeological sites (covering the crests and filling interstices of ancient walls).

Research and development of methods and products for protecting and consolidating masonry (stone, bricks, paintwork, ceramics), frescoes, and for the cleaning and prevention of vandalistic defacement of surfaces of historic and artistic value.

Research and development of systems for measuring, analyzing and monitoring environmental parameters.

Research and development of technology for cataloguing and processing data (texts, images, three-dimensional reconstructions, video) obtained from surveys and diagnostic work.

Research and development of technology for computerized reproduction of statues and bas-reliefs in collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic.

Research and development of technology for determining the amount of micro-wear of pavements caused by people walking on them.

Research and perfection of technology for the observation of “acid rain” through measurement of pH, conductivity and temperature of rainwater with fractionized sequential sampling of the water collected.