Services / Products

Services / Products


  • Virtual reality and reconstructive study of ancient contexts:  designing contexts, systems design and applications in augmented reality, in every kind of field.
  • Virtual restoration: design and reconstruction of virtual contexts of digital restoration. Applications can be of great use to those who work to maximize control over the most critical phases of real interventions, as well as for a wider audience, as historical evidence of documents and works are no longer appreciated in their original form and figuration.
  • Interactive applications for communications:  design and implementation of interactive applications that allow heterogeneous and hypermedia content to be accessed. Based on Flash, Shockwave, HTML, XML, etc.
  • Interactive and stereoscopic RealTime 3D virtual models: design and implementation of multimedia applications of VIRTUAL REALITY for dissemination purposes. These applications allow visitors to immerse themselves in the scene and explore virtual worlds with the same pathos of a real visit. Technology delivers the highest level of interaction thanks to the deep sense of realism achieved with the use of natural interfaces and High End stereoscopy.
  • Screening of stereoscopic movies (passive mode, not interactive).  Design and execution of stereoscopic movies with applications prevalent in the edutainment industry. The systems used are based preferably on a passive solution in order to allow the use of  disposable goggles. We also propose systems made up of sequences of projector screens placed side by side, producing a large image (up to 20-30 m) with no obvious areas of overlapping.
  • Dramatization of a 2D painting and its transformation into 3D: design and implementation of applications for navigation within three-dimensional paintings or old photos using  techniques to isolate and describe the figurative themes thereby stimulating the critical sense of the spectator thanks to the different perception of objects and spaces.
  • Integrating animations and 3D reconstructions directly into the interactive panorama:  design and construction of virtual guides integrated into spherical, interactive, high-resolution QTVR landscapes. The technology used allows to insert/superimpose within an immersive reality (virtual 360 ° tour run with filming or photo editing) reconstructions of three-dimensional objects or monuments (reconstructed in 3D or taken from other contexts), and the augmented reality techniques, offering unimaginable scenarios with animations and materialization of contexts related to a past world and civilization.
  • Holographic projection on an ultra transparent screen: creation of holograms on diaphanous panels that offer suggestions evoking situations, characters, objects, places, acting directly on the emotional sphere in order to stimulate knowledge and appreciation of issues that are often too complex to talk and write about.
  • Technology based on natural interface (without using the mouse):  design of usable multimedia applications without the use of a mouse in which the interaction with the multimedia tool is done by moving a hand, the head or body. These technologies allow you to experience new frontiers in edutainmnent.  
  • Trompe l’oeil in 3D:  design and implementation of applications for the control of three-dimensional trompe l’oeil. The visit to Villa Farnesina in Rome becomes very realistic and effective. Very large prints could be made that allow you to immerse yourself in the ancient landscape without additional technologies


Geological and environmental surveys

  • Geophysical and geological surveys
  • Execution or construction of piles, underpinning, piling and retaining walls
  • Environmental Impact Studies for works to be subject to EIA
  • Geotechnical laboratory tests
  • Surveys for the prevention of geological instability

Preventive archeology

  • Archeological risk analysis
  • Archeological monitoring
  • Regional studies
  • Planning of archaeological investigations
  • Trenches and assays for preliminary investigation

Archeological excavations

  • Archeological excavations in urban and suburban areas for new works
  • Systematic excavations at archeological sites
  • Archeological coring
  • Assistance in the implementation phase of archeological works
  • Valorization and arrangement of archeological sites


Geophysical surveys carried out by georadar, seismic, sonic, ultrasonic, geoelectrical, electromagnetic, magnetic and radiometric – aerial and satellite remote sensing instruments;

Active and passive indirect surveys:  3D acquisition and restitution optimized by using advanced texturing objects from architectural scale to the sub millimeter scale using time-of-flight laser scanning (accurate to 2 mm) and a triangulation scanner (accurate to 0.03mm). Three-dimensional relief from photos, carried out using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Photo modeling made with algorithms of Structure from motion.

Precision land surveying  – survey of facades of buildings with photo straightening – land registry practices – editing types of cadastral maps – editing types of fractionation – new development statement of variation on unit of urban real estate – stacking of former rural buildings – declaration of adjustment to the destination of a unit of urban real estate – demolitions – extensions – change of use of a unit of urban real estate – mergers – restructuring with a declaration of inheritance  – applications for transfer of registration – expense rate table/chart calculator  – thermographic scans with Level 2 operator ITC ISO9712 – energy certification.