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Arkos shop

Printed version

The magazine can be purchased with three options:

Arkos in printed edition can only be sold on request through the ARKOS SHOP.

You can then fill your cart, check costs, enter the information for billing and delivery. You will always have the opportunity to check the status of your order. If items are out of stock, this information will be highlighted and it will not be possible to purchase them.

At the moment you can request to purchase the item chosen. You will be contacted by the editorial staff that will provide guidance for the completion of the purchase.

ARKOS offers a catalog of back issues and other publications that are only available in printed edition and while stocks last (these available only in Italian)

You can request

  • ARKOS LATEST ISSUE (available in italian and in english)
  • ARKOS BACK ISSUES (available only in italian)
  • ARKOS OTHER PUBLICATIONS (available only in italian)

For each issue of Arkos you can see the cover and table of contents. If you want more detailed information on an issue of Arkos you can request it by clicking on ARKOS INFO.

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The digital journal is a practical alternative to the printed edition, even though many readers who are collectors want to keep a copy in their libraries. The purchase must be made through the dedicated platforms.

Just click on the platform you prefer, download the free APP ARKOS and buy the latest issue or subscribe for a year at a convenient price.

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