Editorial guidelines

Editorial guidelines

Authors’ responsibility

The proposed articles are subject to the approval of the Scientific Committee. Unless otherwise agreed, the articles must be unpublished and must not have been submitted to other publishers. The authors assume responsibility for the originality of the work and the views expressed, providing any authorizations, of which they will assume full responsibility, while ensuring the absence of any constraints regarding a patent. Authors must sign a waiver of copyright in favor of the publishing house Editinera; therefore nothing will be due to the authors for publication.

All contributions are subject to review by referee selected by the Scientific Committee who are anonymous and  who may suggest changes that the authors will be required to perform.

The drafts are sent to the authors for correction and in any case are subject to editing aimed at the style and clarity of information. The final draft will be sent back to the author who must provide an English translation of the article.

In the case of multiple authors, we ask that the leader be identified as he or she will be the single point of contact for the editing staff and the Scientific Committee.

The periodicy of the publication of Arkos

Arkos is a quarterly journal that publishes  two quarters twice a year.
The publications are made by January 15 (two issues refer to the first two quarters of the year) and July 15 (two issues refer to the third and fourth quarters of the year) of each year.

Terms for delivery of the articles

  1. The items must arrive at definitive scientific direction by March 1 to allow for publication July 15, and by September, to allow for publication January 15.  In the case of multiple authors, we ask that the leader be identified as he or she will be the single point of contact for the editing staff and the Scientific Committee.
  2. Approval / non-approval by the Scientific Committee  (the communication will arrive via email) : an early acceptance to verify the relevance of the article to the general issues of the magazine will be communicated on the basis of the title and of a broad summary that shall be sent to the editors. Final acceptance will be communicated after sending the all material relevant to the article (Italian and English text, abstracts, illustrations and captions, profiles of authors, and more). At the same time the author must send  to info@arkospress.it the waiver of copyright.  In case of multiple authors, the same release shall  be signed by all authors.
  3. Within 10 days after receiving approval from the Scientific Committee  the author must send the article in Italian and English to info@arkospress.it along with a signed model release. In the case of multiple authors, the same release must be signed by all the authors.
  4. The editorial staff will proceed with the layout of the article and the author will send a draft to be corrected (English and Italian versions). One correction of the draft will be admitted.
  5. The editors will finally send the lead author the preprint version for final approval. The “OK to print” is to be sent to info@arkospress.it within 4 days of receipt.

The author is entitled to a paper copy of the journal. In the case of multiple authors, four copies will be sent to the lead author.

Rules for corrections

The article layouts will be sent to the authors in PDF format and the corresponding text will be sent in Word format to facilitate the corrections that need to be highlighted in red. The authors will be able to make corrections of errors, but can not change the length of the text, or drastically alter the content. The latter case would require the editing staff to send the article to the Scientific Committee again for further approval and then reserve the right to evaluate its publication.

One correction for each article will be allowed after the “OK to print”. If there is a need for further drafting corrections the editor shall have the right to decide whether to print the article in the following issue of Arkos.

Corrections shall be returned to the editor within a period of maximum 2 weeks. Delays in delivery may induce the publisher to find it necessary to place the article in the following issue.

English version of the article and of all the contributions required

Each author will be responsible for submitting his or her article both in Italian and in English, unless exceptional arrangements are agreed with the editors.

Each author is committed, therefore, to present the release of both Italian and English versions, even if the translations are not provided by the author.

Features of the proposed articles

There will be 5 files produced for each article and they must be delivered in Word format in Italian and in English:

1) ARTICLE (eg article – author’s name)
Each article brought to the evaluation of the Scientific Committee must come with:
a comprehensive but concise title (eg. Application of Frabosa Marble in the architecture of Turin) or a title followed by a subtitle (Frabosa Marble. Application in the architecture of Turin);
name and surname (both in full) of the author/s;
email address, an easily recheable phone number of a referent for the article (in the case of many authors, the name of the lead author is required);
any fax number;
physical address where you want to receive a free copy of the journal.

The text of the article should not exceed 25,000 characters (including spaces). Longer articles can be published in two parts (in this case the division is made by the author at the request of the editor) and the two (or more) parts must be turned in altogether (although the pending parts are subject to possible adjustments).
Articles of less than 10,000 characters will be preferably inserted into the FlashRestoration Sites or Reviews sections.

The text should include:

  • a brief introduction that is not , however, repetitive compared to the body of the article.
  • a short chapter division of the body of the article without exceeding 2 levels. Chapters may include alphabetic or numbered lists or tables.

2 ) PROFILE ( eg : profile – author’s name)

  • autobiographical profile of the author (max 700 lines, which must include affiliation or professional qualification

3 ) ABSTRACT (eg: abstract – – author’s name)

  • summary made up of maximum 1000 characters, including the title of the article

4) CAPTIONS (eg: captions – author’s name)
The illustrations ( photos and tables – on average 1 out of every 2500 characters including spaces) should be cited in the text in parentheses (eg . Fig. 1) and must be completed with captions. For groups of linked captions alphanumerical numbering can be used, where the numeric part remains the same: eg . Figure 1 St Paul’s Church . The painted surfaces before (a) and after restoration ( b).

5 ) BIBLIOGRAPHY (eg bibliography – – author’s name)
Bibliography, notes, thanks, boxes with extra information including titles. The general rule is not to exceed in the notes (especially if bibliographical, they should be in the bibliography) .

How to submit contents

The text, without images, should be sent to the address info@arkospress.it or via the form available on the website.
The images accompanying the articles should be sent to info@arkospress.it in any format as long as it is bitmap or vector. In the case of bitmap images, they must be provided in high resolution (width x height occupied on page 300 DPI). The methods of sending will be agreed on with the editors (dvd by mail, FTP Arkos or by other means to be determined).

Images from photo paper or other documents must first be digitized and sent in electronic format.

The tables must be turned into a bitmap format.

Special Conditions
Authors will receive a printed copy of the journal and will be able to book additional copies taking advantage of a discount compared to the sale price to the public. In the case of multiple authors,  a single shipment of a maximum of four copies will be made to the lead author.


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