Museum Of Puppet Theater – Puppetry Of The Napoli Brothers

Museum Of Puppet Theater – Puppetry Of The Napoli Brothers

Location: Italy, Sicily, Catania – Vecchia Dogana – via G. B. Cardinale Dusmet 2, 95121
Committee: Italia a Memoria s.r.l.
Financing: private
Inauguration Date: 2012
Description: establishment of a museum dedicated to traditional Sicilian puppetry in Catania.

Intervention Objective:
The Puppet Theater Museum reveals the marionette tradition of the historic Napoli family of Catania and houses a significant collection of antique puppets, backdrops, sets, posters, models, clothes, tools, canvases, and systems of the ancient theater.
The museum is housed in the impressive building that was once the Old Customs Office of Catania. Today, fully restored, the Vecchia Dogana (Old Customs) is a place in the city of Catania where the whole atmosphere is traditionally Sicilian and where architecture, events, products, culture, theater and cinema are combined.
It is in this impressive context that the Museum of Puppet Theater of Catania rises.
The immersive experience in the tradition of puppetry in Catania is complete with the ability to see live entertainment right from the marionette company of the Napoli brothers. The heirs were able to adapt the Puppetry to the flavor of contemporary audiences by reinterpretating dialogues, scenes and stage set-ups in a modern way while preserving the standards of traditional theater.
The company was founded there in 1921 by Gaetano Napoli and today, now in its fourth generation, without interruption, it is the most significant reality of the traditional puppet theater of Catania.

Syremont’s Activities:

planning of the teaching and communications aspects based on:

  • facilities for the exhibition of the Puppet collection;
  • models of ancient theater (produced by Salvatore Napoli);
  • exhibits of scenery, animals and props;
  • showcases for clothes, tools and canvases;
  • explanatory boards (text by Alessandro Napoli);
  • audioguide (in production for 2014);
  • supply of bespoke equipment;
  • Design and implementation of mobile theater for theatrical performances;
  • Realization of lights and sound engineering;
  • The installation of the Museum and Puppet Theatre was developed in close collaboration with the Napoli family thus ensuring the correctness of the philological and anthropological information.


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