Ikaros, Flying Dream –  Experimental Electronic Aeronautic Yard

Ikaros, Flying Dream – Experimental Electronic Aeronautic Yard

With the financial support of the European Union, as part of the POR FESR LAZIO 2014-2020 – Support for the Competitive Repositioning of Production Systems and Chains – Public Notice n. 7 “Cultural Heritage and Tourism” approved with Resolution n. n. G16395 on the 28th of November, 2017 by the Region of Lazio, Syremont S.p.A proposes the projected titled: Iκαρος, Flying Dream. Experimental Electronic Aeronautic Yard.

Investment Plan and Project Objectives

The project “Ikaros, Flying Dream” involves the transformation of infrastructure (in the Municipality of Anguillara Sabazia, RM) already designated for touristic hotel and catering uses into a site of educational entertainment and cultural tourism. Since antiquity, humankind has sought to reach the sky. This is confirmed in Greek mythology by the story about the flight of Icarus and Daedalus.

Flying has always been a dream of human beings, and people from diverse nations and social extractions have dedicated themselves to it: the great Leonardo Da Vinci, Etienne and Joseph Montgolfier, the Wright brothers, and many other scholars of the subject who were recorded only partially by history. The first attempts at a flying machine are associated with Leonardo Da Vince, even if the first flying apparatus, a true accomplishment for the period, was the motorized biplane of the aforementioned Wright brothers, while Auguste Piccard claimed the first flight which reached the stratosphere. From then on, advances in flying machines continued unabated until the first flights beyond the atmosphere during World War II and the Cold War. The project currently being proposed is divided into two main objectives:

  1. A plan of investment into activities of industrial research and experimental development aimed at the study, design, and creation of content for the Experimental Electronic Aeronautic Yard located in Anguillara Sabazia (RM).
  2. A program of energy efficiency aimed at upgrading the infrastructure within which the Experimental Electronic Aeronautic Yard or flight museum will be hosted.

Through a program of industrial research and experimental development activities, scientific content and multimedia applications will be produced which will form the experiential, didactic basis of the Experimental Electronic Aeronautic Yard. The museum itinerary, as a result, will be divided into four main sections, which will respectively represent the following themes:

  1. The laws of aerodynamics and their demonstration through immersive tools of knowledge;
  2. Flight in nature and in myth;
  3. The history of the first Italian aeronautic constructions as an example of the transformation of principles in physics and mechanics;
  4. The simulation of flight.

Thanks to the contribution referred to in the community program already described, it is not only our goal, but also our expected outcome to launch the creation of a cultural and touristic centre on the theme of flight in the Region of Lazio. This centre will have the potential to become a point of reference in the sector during the coming years, both from a standpoint of territorial themes and from one of business.


Syremont S.p.A.

Nomos Ricerche S.r.l.

Enea (Centre of Research)

Investment and contribution

Investment into the project: Euros 851.030,02.

Public contribution to the project: Euros 523.370,91.

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