Museum of Arts & Crafts and Environmental Protection in Longobucco

Museum of Arts & Crafts and Environmental Protection in Longobucco

Location: Italy – Calabria –  Longobucco (Cosenza)
Contracting Authority: Sila National Park Authority
Financing: public
Inauguration Date: 2012
Museum Site: via Roma, angolo Piazza Monumento, 87066 Longobucco (Cosenza).

Museum dedicated to the cultural valorisation of Sila’s National Park arts and crafts and to environmental awareness and education.

Intervention Objective:
The Museum of Arts & Crafts and Environmental Protection in Longobucco (Cosenza) is one of the cultural expressions of the territory, thanks to the will of the Park of Sila along with the The Museum of Agricultural Farming Culture and local Arts& Crafts of Albi (Catanzaro)  and the Museum of the Oil of Olive and of the peasant Civilization – Zagarise. The Museum is located in the former Franciscan convent of Longobucco from the fifteenth century, already the subject of a restoration aimed to use the museum.

The Museum features a guided tour where one side is overlooking the charming courtyard of the Franciscan monastery and on the other offers themed environments on the working of stone, wood, metals and jewellery, textiles and finally on the territory and on the efforts of the Park of Sila in its maintainence. Historical figures and a graphical representation of the timeline allows one to understand the major historical events and the succession of conquerors who have left indelible marks and laid the foundation of local traditions.

A multimedia application on the territory allows you to search places, monuments , churches, museums and other points of interest located throughout the area, and to explore the cultural issues involved.

Large dioramas reconstruct the environments of the shops, work tools, men and women trained in their craft. Traditional fabrics and designs that feature the high quality textile production of Longobucco are visible in the large room dedicated to the theme of the textile processing.

The museum was established on the basis of a project articulated and promoted by the Park of Sila, which aims to:

  • improve the knowledge of the territory of Sila Piccola, of its outskirts and intangible culture and thus help understand the local cultural identity;
  • promote the area as a destination for tourists and culture, nature and sports, with particular reference to the segment of interested visitors to protected areas;
  • enhance the link between the historical and cultural heritage, ecological-environmental, food and wine.

Syremont Activity:

  • adaptation of the systems and the construction of new premises for the intended use
  • corporate image project for the new identity of the museum and eco-museums of Sila
  • anthropological research – the study of the flora and fauna of Sila – interviews – video and     photo campaign
  • museological project
  • awareness of the local population and their involvement in the project
  • organization of a campaign of collecting items that have been selected, restored and cataloged for the ultimate collection
  • museological project (for micro-environmental dioramas, display cases, large photographic panels, multimedia applications, video production in the area)
  • fit out the turnkey and maintenance for five years

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