Archimedes, a genius among us – Scientific exhibition at the Swabian Castle of Trani

Archimedes, a genius among us – Scientific exhibition at the Swabian Castle of Trani

Location: Italy, Apulia, Trani

Contracting Authority: Nova Apulia scarl

Financing: private

Date of realization: 10/09/2015 – 30/04/2016

Description: scientific exhibition dedicated to the history and insight of Archimedes

This exhibition offers the opportunity to find out which and just how many fields of knowledge Archimedes was interested in – hydrostatics, geometry, mechanics, arithmetics – experiencing the phenomena at the base of many of his theoretical formulations first-hand through interactive exhibits.

The path focuses on the one hand on the studies related to mechanics and hydrostatics (that today we could more generally say is physics) while on the other, it presents famous solutions applied to the realization of machines conceived to facilitate the work of man or to alleviate fatigue.

During the realization, key interactive aspects were considered. The exhibits that make up the path allow the visitor to experience the phenomenon first-hand, by directly experiencing the relationship between cause and effect. It is thus possible to learn from the direct observation of what happens, what the rules, the behaviors, and the “laws” at the base of what was observed are.

A series of multimedia devices allows the visitor to explore the themes addressed in the exhibition according to personal virtual paths.

Syremont’s Activities:

  • research on the subject of museums;
  • processing content (iconographic and textual);
  • visual identity and communication;
  • museum exhibitions;
  • interactive exhibits to experiment scientific phenomena;
  • software simulators for scientific experiments (touchscreen method);
  • training of personnel for educational activities to support the visit;
  • training of technical personnel for routine maintenance of all the equipment supplied.



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