Sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo – Tempio di Giove Anxur – Terracina
Terracina - Giove Anxur - 3D Reconstruction

Sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo – Tempio di Giove Anxur – Terracina

Location: Italy, Lazio, Terracina 
Committee:  Town of Terracina
Financing: public
Inauguration Date: 2012

Description: cultural infrastructure for the enhancement of the archaeological area through the creation of a system of works, supplies and services designed to expand the cultural offer

Intervention Objective: the will of the municipal administration of Terracina was to exploit their assets through the creation of an integrated system of services, works and supplies designed to expand and qualify the cultural offerings of the site.

The archaeological site is subject to the supervision of the Superintendence of Archaeological Heritage of Lazio and architectural Superintendency of Lazio is NaturalMonument and Site of Community Interest (SCI) subject to constraints hydrological and landscape .

The goal then create a system of cultural infrastructure required a complex co-ordination with the requirements of environmental protection and conservation. A work so that required close collaboration of specialists in multidisciplinary fields and an intense collaboration between the public and private sectors.

The Sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo, known to many as Giove’s Temple, is an archaeological site that houses the remains of a temple of the Republican era, a fortified camp for the defense of the city, a small temple adjoining reused and modified in the Middle Ages as a monastery. Inspired by the great scenic Hellenistic architecture, belongs to the series of the ancient sanctuaries of Latium monumentally restructured in the late Republic of Ancient Rome, between the end of the second century B.C. and the beginning of the first century B.C.

The project’s goal was to tell the story of the place from its earliest human settlements along centuries of history, to create spaces for the reception and management services to the public, to provide the area of electrical, technological and lighting to allow projections, architectural lighting, special effects for the show, to simplify the accessibility and finally equipped to create paths to learn more of issues related to the history of the place.

Syremont Activity: 

creation of a dedicated space for the welcoming of visitors with Ticket bookshop, warehouse, toilet, chair control to the show room, the projection a spectacle of sound and light show that tells the history, construction techniques, the motivations that drove the pilgrims to venerate the place, the architectural forms and spaces are not the most valuable, the reuse of certain areas at different times, rituals and spirituality of the place.

a lighting system for the enhancement of the architecture survived the time

an introductory video that tells the story of the visit of the sanctuaries of Latium offers contemporary and hypothetical reconstructions and three-dimensional animations suggestive evoking the atmosphere of the holy place and the adjoining entrenched camp

works and functional facilities to the infrastructure described

supply of technological equipment at the service of the show

didactic planning

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